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U zalivu Tivat

Sirocco is a premier fine dining restaurant specializing in seafood. The location is nestled along the picturesque coastline of the Adriatic Sea and is committed to sourcing the freshest ingredients. With innovative techniques, Sirocco has established itself as a haven for seafood enthusiasts who are seeking a truly extraordinary dining experience in Tivat Bay.

8:00pm - 12:00am

The culinary team is led by talented Executive Chef Alexandar Kerekeš, whose expertise led to the development of an inspired menu that celebrates the natural essence of each seafood creation.

With 12 years of culinary experience, Kerekeš has worked in various countries including Spain, Germany, Montenegro, and Serbia. Throughout his travels, Kerekeš began to draw inspiration from the diverse flavors and techniques of each region. One of his most treasured achievements was working alongside the esteemed 12-Michelin-starred chef, Martin Berasategui, at his renowned restaurant in Spain.

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Cold appetizer
Red prawns tartare with Tsukudani-kombu tea and fresh raspberry
25 EUR


Hot appetizer
Scallops on cauliflower, blood orange sauce, wakame salad and kale chips
15 EUR


Main course
Adriatic Sea bass fillet with glazed baby vegetables in saffron sauce
29 EUR


Pistachio and strawberry sphere with roasted rhubarb,vanilla and strawberry ice cream
12 EUR


Ovomjesečni favorit

Lamb shank, Port wine sauce, seasoned potatoes


22 EUR

The menu features special seafood masterpieces, beautifully prepared fish, delicious vegetables, and decadent desserts. The dishes are a celebration of local culinary traditions with a perfect balance of flavors. Sirocco is not just a restaurant, but a universe that celebrates the beauty of the sea and flavors of global cuisine.

Luksuzna destinacija za globalnog putnika.

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